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About Us

If you are home based business owner, there are a lot of struggles involved in getting your business to the next level. Even if you have a steady stream of clients, the growing of your customer base is solely dependent upon not only the quality of the work you provide, but on referrals and how your interactions go with clients.

One of the most common problems faced by home-based business is, you are not only required to take care of your existing clients base alone, you are also expected to you generate more business in order to grow and create a steady income. Due to lack of resources and time management issues, businesses often don’t have time to do marketing, sales, or even promotions to make people aware about their business and upsell their products or services to existing clientele.

Everything costs money and burns hole in your pocket when you are already operating on a meagre budget. Even if somehow you manage to get the word out about your product or service, there is a matter of people taking your business seriously. Home based business are often considered hobbies, and it takes a lot of dedication to prove to clients otherwise that you are, in fact, capable of handling their business and provide quality service.

This is where LokalLok comes in.

Not only we provide you with a virtual shop, we also provide branding solutions that lends your business an identity and credibility to compete in the market place. We provide you with a platform where you have unlimited access to reach out to potential customer base, interact with them and make a sale from the comfort of your home. We turn your “weakness” of home into a strength. With bare minimum costs, you could be your own salesman and your marketing expert. You have the liberty and freedom to reach out to bases that you never considered before and get to interact and convert them into customer’s real time. People who struggle with delivery workload get access to our delivery system so as to they don’t have to turn down people due to insufficient man power.

We conduct seminars on how you can do all of this and more, whilst also providing you an opportunity to socialise with other home base owners and create connections that help you grow and nurture lifelong partnerships.

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